Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Headed Out on the Highway, Lookin' for In-spir-a-tion!

Yes, I did recently head out on the highway, lookin' for in-spir-a-tion!

I'm not sure I was
but I was riding on a Harley!

I bet you never would have guessed that 
I ride motorcyles!

I embrace contrast in my designs,
taking inspiration from the most refined elements, as well as all things natural, 
and it was time for a big dose of 
"natural inspiration"!

I can literally almost taste
 the beauty of nature as I ride along
on the bike.

 When people find out that I ride, the first thing they always ask is,
"Do you wear all that motorcycle
 gear and leather?"

And actually, yes, I do.
It is great protection from the elements and the cold weather, and I NEEDED it.

 Late one afternoon as we neared Flagstaff and the temperatures dropped into the low 30's, I was very glad to have on "the leather".

We finally arrived at a wonderful, old inn with an antique brick fireplace and 
very warming wine, but thank heavens for that leather in the meantime. 

I was indeed totally at the mercy of the
same Mother Nature that so inspires me!
I even caught hail in my helmet 
near the Grand Canyon!

Although one of our stops WAS the
 Petrified Forest,
 this one was NOT the one near Jackson in Flora, Mississippi.

I was riding through the desert of Arizona!

The beauty of the petrified wood is 
definitely a natural inspiration,

as was the Painted Desert.

I LOVE color gradation, and this view inspired a textile design I am working on that incorporates color gradation.

My sweet husband Johnny and me

Even the slightly out of focus trees along the way provided inspiration for a 
client installation coming up.

It was fun to actually be
'Standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona'!
(I do love the Eagles!)

And of course no trip would be complete without a little jewelry 
for design inspiration 
and for the shop!

We stopped one morning outside Sedona, climbing toward the Grand Canyon, at a wonderful Native American reserve where many fabulous, handmade 
pieces were being sold.

  The coral was magnificent!

I LOVE to use the coral in
bowls on table tops.

And this fabulous abalone necklace
 is at the studio now!

I have also taken inspiration from the necklace
for a light fixture and  a table top
 that I am designing. 

Yes, I headed out on the highway
 on my Harley, and found LOTS of
 in-spir-a-tion, beautiful, natural inspiration
to use side by side with
 my more refined elements.


What travel destination or natural elements inspire your design?

How do you commune with nature?

photo credits:  Nancy Price, Pinterest

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