Monday, June 2, 2014

Beautiful Blues, Pops of Red

As we were browsing through some of our favorite blogs this past weekend, we stumbled upon the ever-so-talented Heather Clawson's "Habitually Chic". We had the privilege of meeting Heather at a book signing a couple of years ago and have since followed her projects through her blog. One of her most recent posts, "Beautiful Blues", by no surprise, caught our eye and reminded us of a project that Nancy has been working on here in Mississippi. They favor each other in the blue tones that they share, paired back with pops of red, and mix and matched antique pieces with a bit of modern flare. 

Below: Heather Clawson's photos of Benedetta Cibrario's Home in Milan.

Below: Photo's of a blue and white bedroom Nancy is working on.

The finished look of this beautiful room coming SOON!

[Visit  Heather's blog here [Habitually Chic

Thursday, May 8, 2014

These past few months have been crazy busy (which we are SO thankful for!), so when we returned from market in High Point and antique shopping in Roundtop we decided that the studio needed a makeover! It took us a few days to get there, but we finally got the studio back looking beautiful! 

These 18th Century Blue Italian mirrors embody so much of what we are about. We love a special antique piece and the stories that they tell, but most importantly we love the feeling that our client's get when a piece of such exclusivity warms their home.

Nancy has also been hard at work designing more pieces for her AURA jewelry line. What is so cool about these one of a kind pieces is that they are literal pieces of art - for the home AND the body; the perfect statement for both an outfit or a room.

Discovering old antique textile is one of Nancy's favorite things to do when she's traveling abroad. They are so delicate and beautiful. We love to learn about their history and get so excited listening to the ideas she has for them. These pillows are just a couple that she has designed.

We were beyond excited about these two palms that Kelly O'neal did for us. It was the perfect finishing touch to this vignette. 

Everyone knows our love for crosses around here. And some of our favorite stories are the ones that tell of how Nancy finds them. Her admiration for the cross dates way back and it's something that is undeniably special to her. These particular ones are of Belgian descent. Some are in perfect condition, while others are a bit bruised with a hint of character. Those are the ones we cherish most!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Decorating With Antiques: High Point

We're Back...
Back from High Point!

It was great meeting new antiques lovers
and visiting with old friends.

(We always love leaving our spot for a while
 to visit our dear friends at Verellen !)

Verellen Showroom

High Point is always a wonderful experience.

This trip we did something new.
Not only did we have a booth at the 
Antique and Design Center of High Point,

Custom velvet console with antique stumpwork

Custom pillows from antique fragments

I was honored to present one of the 
educational talks 
with Douglas Scott

It was almost time for my presentation

is now represented on THE HIGHBOY,
and Douglas and I thought it would be a fabulous opportunity
to talk with designers in High Point
about making antiques accessible.

Me with Olga and Douglas of The Highboy

In case you missed our presentation, 
here is our short list of 
tips on using antiques in design.

And of course, High Point is NEVER

all work and NO play.....

We always do have time to at least slip in a nice dinner or two!

Come by the studio to see all our new arrivals from High Point.

And please let us know if you need help

finding the perfect antique for your budget.

photo credits:  Nancy Price Interior Design, Nancy Price Home

Friday, January 10, 2014

Provision Oxford: Home with Heart

One of the best things about being an interior designer, besides designing of course,
 is meeting great people.

One of my favorites is 
Mississippi native Doug Self.  
I have known him for quite a while.
  He is wonderfully creative
 a wonderful person.
He is authentic.
He has heart.

Doug Self

I visited with him last October
 during market in High Point 
in his wonderful showroom jdouglas.

He invited me to the upcoming opening of his 
new retail store
back home in Mississippi.

Doug Self and I in the jdouglas showroom in High Point

It was a stormy, nearing winter afternoon 
when we arrived at Provision.

The weather was dismal,
but the store was bright, beautiful, and inviting.

I was immediately intrigued by the "Southerner's Handbook."

It was full of warm home vignettes,


and products for personal pampering.

Even though the store was abuzz
 in full party preparation mode, 

Doug took time to sit down and chat 
and tell me a bit about his 
vision for Provision.

Doug describes Provision as "a curated collection of inspired goods, 
both native and sourced from around the globe,
purveying classic to current home furnishings and gifts,
 and encouraging fellowship with those who create 
and fostering giving to those in need."

He chose the name by definition 
for dual reasons.

Provision is intended to provide Oxford 
with things that have not previously
 been readily accessible locally, 
and to give back to, sustain and provide for the town, the University, and the students.  

 Pro • vis • ion [prə-’vi-zhən]:

Provide something that is not readily accessible, to give back, sustain.

Additionally, Doug is dedicated 
to local and state philanthropies, 
giving back to causes including 
Jackson based Peyton's House,
an after school safe house 
for in danger children.

After our chat, 
it was almost party time, 
time for a little "Winter Cocktail"

I loved this metal cocktail cart.

and music from Chapel Hill's Mipso trio.

Mipso from Chapel Hill, NC, warming up
Doug flew them in for the party
Listen to their song "HOME AGAIN" HERE

Just before the party started, 
I had to ask Doug one last question, 
what a few of his favorite things 
in the store are . . .

Doug wants to spend his old age surrounded by design books.
Me too!

Of course design books,

men's leather dop kits,

and vervain, citrus soap

Of course I couldn't resist 
the BLUE cookies . . .

Your love of life is 
overflowing and irresistible.

Thank you and welcome home
dear Doug . . .

I am looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

photo credits:  Marilyn Trainor Storey

Visit Provision Oxford 
1611 University Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655